Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time
Our vision

Learning helps people to make their world better. We share with students our knowledge how to be socially responsible and to make their organizations successful. We do our best to encourage the development of the future leaders, who will manage both commercial and non-commercial organizations and contribute to the development of the plural sector in XXI century.

The world around us is changing. We are changing along with it, too. Such changes demand from a future manager to combine his/her personal ability to transform and adapt to new circumstances with the practical skills to create a durable organizational environment that is necessary for sustainable development.

Our vision is based on the 3 main principles:

Mind – a personal ability to think and reflect; analyze and draw conclusions.

Result –the final effect or outcome of any managerial activity.

Quality – degree of excellence of managerial decisions resulted from mind-work and professional experience.

Our mission

To contribute to development of adaptive and socially responsible managers through their life-long personal and professional development.

Our symbols

Symbol of the Faculty of management is the dark blue triangle with golden Cyrillic letters “FM” (Faculty of Management) on its surface, which are encircled into dark blue ring.

A circle and a triangle symbolize our aspiration to concord and self-improvement in accordance with our efforts to master the management science.

The dark blue color traditionally associates with the stability and reliability, which are necessary for successful managerial process.

Yellow color stimulates people to become leaders, make important decisions and initiate transformations, increases personal self-esteem and creativity. Both these colors – dark blue and yellow are colors of Ukrainian national flag and are national symbols of the country.

Latin is the language of science and academic community. That is why we used it in our motto: "MENTEM, RESULTARET , QUALITAS"- "Mind,  Result, and Quality".

The date “2002” is the year when our faculty was established after the transformation of the former Economic Faculty into the Scientific and Educational Institute of Economics.

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