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Faculty of management emerged in 2002. Its history is closely connected with administration of mining enterprises and professional training of managers for industrial sector of national economics.

In 2002-2010 the faculty has been headed by the deans as Ass. Prof. Oleksandr Usatenko (Candidate of tech. sc.), Prof. Volodymyr Volosheniuk (Candidate of econ. sc.), Ass. Prof. Yurii Parshin (Candidate of tech. sc.).

Faculty of Management is the successor of the Faculty of Economics, established in 1993, and operates as a structural part of the Institute of Economics of National Mining University.

Faculty of Management comprises the two oldest economic departments of National Mining University Department of management of production sphere (established in 1931 as Department of mining economics, organization and planning) and Department of economic theory and fundaments of business (established in 1952 as Department of political economy).

Academic staff of the faculty successfully solves the scientific problem of productive assets optimization, works on development of production programs, supply chain management and foreign trade of private and corporate enterprises from the main economic regions of our country.

Among other fields of study there are environmental economics and problems of national economys technological development, methodology of modern economics, and techniques of developing foreign language competencies.

The Faculty of management prepares:
  • Bachelors of Management (training direction 0306) in full-time (four years) educational programs;
  • Masters of specialties (full-time educational programs 1,5 year):
    • Management of Organization and Administration,
    • Management of Foreign Trade,
    • Management of Innovations,
    • Logistics,
    • Public Administration,
    • Natural Resources and Environmental Economy,
    • Project Management.

Our teaching staff consists of 12 Professors, 38 Associate Professors, 10 Seniour Lecturers, 11 Lecturers, 33 Assistant Lecturers.

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